Asset Integration & Management System (AIM)

Managing a large inventory of industrial tools can be extremely complex. Our AIM asset management system takes full control of your inventory on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We appreciate that British industry is not a 9 to 5 affair, we can support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Turning up at 9 am and knocking off at 5 pm is just not our style. Our customers have come to learn that no matter what time or day it is, we will be available to provide our famous customer service that is second to none.

Asset Management

With current legislation such as HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome), it is now more crucial than ever to ensure your power tools are in full working order and tested within the stringent requirements of the legislation. Losing track of the current testing and calibration status of your industrial power tool inventory can lead to expensive legislative non-conformance.

Our AIM System has been specifically designed to take the headaches out of managing your industrial power tools inventory. The system records and stores the details of every individual tool, including make, model and serial number. When each tool is due for a service, calibration or HAVS testing, the system will raise a flag to that effect. We will then arrange to collect your tools due for servicing, testing and calibration, complete the work and return them to you ready for use. All tools are fully certified and copy certificates are held on the AIM system.
The system is centrally managed by our team in our Newcastle Upon Tyne headquarters, ensuring the data is complete and fully up to date. Our clients have login access to their own inventories, allowing them to use the system to manage and control their power tools locally on site.

  • Relieves the headaches of managing power tools inventory.
  • Takes full control of monitoring service and testing schedules.
  • Flags tools that are due to be serviced or tested.
  • Updated centrally to ensure the quality of data stored.

Inventory and Maintenance Services

Managing and controlling a large power tool inventory with multiple locations can be a time consuming and difficult task. Keeping on top of tool servicing and calibration can be almost impossible when you are trying to run a business at the same time. We can take all of those headaches and responsibilities over for you, leaving you to concentrate upon your core business.

Our AIM system ensures that before a power tool is due a service or calibration, we will know about it and will be arranging to have it serviced, repaired and calibrated without you having to lift a finger.

  • We keep on top of your tool servicing
  • Automatic servicing reminders
  • You get to concentrate upon your business

Power Tool Disposals

Industrial power tools are designed to work in the most arduous of conditions, but even they will ultimately reach the end of their useful life. When they do, it is important that they are disposed of carefully and responsibly and that is where we come in.

When a power tool is received by our service department and is deemed beyond economical repair, we will contact the client to advise and request disposal approval. Once approval is received, the power tool will be disposed of correctly and our AIM system updated to reflect the fact. The power tool record will remain on the AIM system for future reference if required.

  • We monitor your power tool condition
  • Disposal approval always sought first
  • Power tools disposed of responsibly
  • Power tools remain on the AIM system