Industry Sectors

We provide our products and services across a broad range of industry sectors, always with our customer service focus-based approach.

Thompson Group Sectors

Whatever the industry sector we are serving, our focus is always the same; the very best customer service, the highest quality products at very competitive prices and the ability to provide our customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We appreciate that the cost of lost production can be astronomical, so we ensure we are there to support our customers and solve their challenges no matter what the time or day.

We provide our products and services across a broad range of industry sectors, here are just a few:


Plant Hire and Haulage Industry

The plant hire and haulage sectors are known for being fast past, and constantly changing with high demands as far as delivery times and responsiveness are concerned. At Thompsons, we are organised in such a way that we can respond to all of the demands that our clients put upon us, no matter how difficult they may be. We ensure we have the right equipment in strategically placed locations, so we can always meet our customers needs.


Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry is renowned for being at the cutting edge of technology. If it can be done in the most demanding of environments like offshore, it can be done anywhere and many technological advances made in this sector, have subsequently been used in many other industries. Industry players must also be forward thinking and technologically advanced and Thompson is no exception. We appreciate that lost production in the Oil & Gas sector can add up to many millions of pounds, so we ensure customer service second to none, ensuring production is always maintained.


Steel Industry

A stalwart of British industry, steel manufacturing and processing remains an important sector, despite many challenges over the years. Maintaining production is key., particularly in areas such as continuous casting where production literally cannot stop without forward planning. We have provided tools and services to the steel industry for many years and have become known as the go to company in you want to ensure your steel production continues unhindered.


Petro Chemical Industry

The petrochemical industry handles a broad range of noxious and dangerous products as part of their production process. At Thompson’s, we ensure exactly the right tools are supplied for each and every task, every time to ensure complete safety for the technicians, the environment and for the petrochemical company’s reputation.


General Industry

Our power tools and other products and services can be found being used in a myriad of different industries and manufacturing processes. What they all have in common is that an unexpected break in their processes can cost a great deal of money. They can all rely upon Thompson to provide customer service and after sales support second to none to keep those machines running and product flowing.


Rail Industry

The UK rail industry has suffered from a lot of bad press over recent years. Here at Thompson, we have provided support to the asset owners and contractors, to play a pivotal role in making the country’s rail network, as safe and reliable as possible. We also work with the world’s leading rolling stock manufacturers at the cutting edge of rail car design.


Construction Industry

No matter now well the plans are laid, in the construction industry, sudden and unexpected requirements for power tools and plant are quite common. At Thompsons, we make sure that the right tools and plant are available in strategically placed locations to enable us to meet our clients needs every time. We also provide security services to ensure construction sites are safe and secure day and night.


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is infamous for being a fast-paced sector, relying upon only the most responsive suppliers to meet their demanding schedules and cost controls. Thompsons have been supplying specialised tooling into this industry for many years. Customers just keep calling us back as new requirements arise as they know we will provide them with the optimum solution in double quick time.


Mining Industry

The mining industry has always been a challenging and dangerous sector with its root ging back thousands of years. The modern mining industry demands highly specialised tools to meet their very unique needs. Thompsons have been supplying such equipment for many years and our in-house expertise ensure we can meet every need, no matter how unique or challenging it may be.


Aerospace Industry

When it comes to safety and the latest technology, the aerospace industry is up there amongst the best. A breakdown at 37,000 feet is absolutely unacceptable, so this sector uses the very highest quality and most reliable components at all times. Assembling thousands of these components correctly and safely during manufacture and maintenance, is the job of some of the most specialised range of tools we supply. This is supported by the extensive in-house experience we have to ensure the correct tool is supplied for every task without exception.