Asset Management

Our Asset Integration Management (AIM) system records service and calibration details of each and every item in your tool inventory, no matter how extensive it is, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

With current legislation such as HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome), it is now more crucial than ever to ensure your power tools are in full working order and tested within the requirements of the legislation.

Our AIM System has been specifically designed to take the headaches out of managing your industrial power tools inventory. The system records and stores the details of every individual tool, including make, model and serial number. When each tool is due for a service, calibration or HAVS testing, the system will raise a flag to that effect.

The system is centrally managed by our team in our Newcastle Upon Tyne headquarters, ensuring the data is complete and fully up to date. Our clients have login access to their own inventories, allowing them to use the system to manage and control their power tools locally on site.

The benefits

  • Relieves the headaches of managing power tools inventory.
  • Takes full control of monitoring service and testing schedules.
  • Flags tools that are due to be serviced or tested.
  • Updated centrally to ensure the quality of data stored.

What is Asset Management?

In this context, we are referring to industrial power tools as the assets and looking after their condition, servicing, repair, and calibration forms the management part of the term.

Many businesses involved in the use of industrial power tools will attempt to manage them themselves. The issue is that this is not their core business and it takes their staff away for productive activities. Our AIM system takes full control of your power tools, ensuing they are services and calibrated when required and all records including certification are stored electronically, making them easy to access at any time.

Our AIM System

Our AIM system is basically and asset tracking system and was developed specifically to remove all the headaches associated with trying to manage your own industrial power tool inventory. The system will flag when it is time to service or calibrate each tool. A record for each tool is held which records and repairs made during its life.

When a tool reaches the end of its useful life, it still remains on the system with its entire history, should it need to be recalled at any time in the future.

Asset Management Case Study

We have many cases where our AIM system has helped our customers, and here is just one of them:

We were contacted by a company who was providing site services to one of the major steelworks in the UK. The services they offered their client required an extensive inventory of power tools stored onsite in the steelworks.

The client had issues on a number of occasions when power tools were signed out of the store and found to be not working correctly and in a couple of cases out of calibration. The contract with the steelworks stated that tools could not be used if out of calibration and a copy of the current calibration certificate had to be submitted with the worksheets.

Our first step was to visit the clients onsite tool store and make a full list of the tools and their status as far as condition and calibration were concerned. We the made a plan of which tools should be serviced, repaired and calibrated when, in a number of batches.

All this data was then uploaded onto our AIM system and the system was updated as all of the tools were serviced, repaired and calibrated. As each tool was serviced, a next service and calibration date was added to the system ensuring the date would not be missed the next time it was due.

The final outcome was a delighted customer with a reliable and fully certified tool inventory, enabling them to provide an exceptional and timely service to the end client.