We can supply a bespoke range of industrial bolting tools specifically for use on subsea applications.

Subsea engineering is performed a unique and extremely hostile environment. Equally unique industrial bolting tools are required to withstand such an environment and interface with divers or remotely operated submarine vehicles. Material of construction and servicing frequency are completely different to standard industrial bolting tools requiring extensive knowledge and skill in this niche sector.

One common denominator in subsea engineering is cost. Not only the cost of the equipment, but the potential cost in lost time, should the equipment or tooling fail to perform as required. One diver support vessel will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds a day making project delays extremely costly.

We have the knowledge and experience within our organisation required, to ensure that each piece of subsea tooling is 100% fit for purpose and reliable.

The benefits

  • Tailored solutions for subsea applications
  • 100% fit for purpose, reliable tooling/li>