Specialist Security Services

Specialist security services take a special kind of organisation. We provide bespoke, tailored specialist security services on long, or short-term contract for a wide variety of specialist security scenarios.

The need for specialist security services can arise at any time and cover a broad range of scenarios. From short term contracts to long term requirements, we have the solution. Our professional security service specialists are fully trained and highly experienced in all aspects of specialist security solutions, from close quarters individual security to crowd control at major events.

We take specialist security services very seriously. Each and every specialist security contract we take on is fully bespoke to suit our client’s individual requirements and expectations.

Close Protection

Close protection, bodyguard protection, or executive protection services describes the process of providing protective security support to one, or a small number of individuals who may be vulnerable, or in a dangerous environment.

These services are typically used by VIP’s, individuals carrying something valuable, or individuals travelling or working in a dangerous environment, where they may potentially be attacked or kidnapped.

Close protection security services require highly skilled and trained individuals, often recruited from the British forces, as are the majority of our security specialists.

Event Security

Once a good idea, event security is now a legal requirement for any large gathering of people. Our specialist security personnel have extensive experience in event access control, crowd control and out of hours security patrols at a wide range of public events.

We have provided our services at a number of leading music festivals and events across the UK, and pride ourselves on providing security services that keep the public safe, without them feeling intimidated.

Fully Trained Security Specialists

We will not send any of our security team to a job unless they have been fully vetted and confirmed 100% trained and capable of providing the security services required of them.

Many of our security specialists are former British forces, renowned for the most extensive and best levels of training in the world.

Security is not just about strength and presence; however, it is also about empathy and understanding. All our specialists are trained to work with the public to ensure the most positive and safe outcome in every possible scenario.


We provide a complete range of security support to a broad range of industry sectors.

From general security support in the public sector, to event security and close protection services in the hospitality and entertainment industry, we provide it all.

The cost of a problem when you have no professional security support, will always outweigh the cost to put security support in place before the beginning of your event.

So, contact us today to discuss your specific security requirements, you will be surprised by just how cost effective they can be.

The benefits

  • A wide range of services including close protection, event panning and contingency planning
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Bespoke solutions every time