Power Tool Training

Power tools can be dangerous in untrained hands. We offer a user full training service to all our clients in the correct and safe use of power tools.

At Thompson Power Tools, we take safety extremely seriously. The three keys to safe power tool use are:

  1. The correct power tools for the job in hand – A tool that is too small for the job may break whilst in use or not complete the job safely and correctly. A tool that is too large for the job may break the component or machinery being worked upon. An incorrect tool for a job may slip whilst in use, be dropped or damage the equipment being worked upon.
  2. Fully serviced and calibrated power tools – A power tool that has not been serviced will be more prone to breakdown. In worst cases, the failure may be catastrophic, putting the operator at risk. As a minimum, the job will be delayed, with the resulting costs in downtime. A tool that is out of calibration may give a false reading, leaving the operator to believe for example, that a joint on a high-pressure vessel is tight when it isn’t. The resulting damage and injury from a sudden release of pressure during joint failure, can be fatal.
  3. Operators who are fully trained in the correct and safe use of the power tools being used – If you don’t know how to operate, or even just hold a power tool correctly, you are leaving yourself wide open to accident and injury. It is imperative that only fully trained personnel are allowed to operate industrial power tools no matter how simple to use they may appear.

If any one of these three components are missing, you have a recipe for a dangerous and expensive disaster.

We offer comprehensive, manufacturer backed training courses in the correct and safe use of power tools for operators of all tools we supply. Training can be provided either at one of our UK-wide locations, or at our client’s own premises. Courses can be tailored to suit our client’s specific applications and power tool inventories and every operator will receive a certificate of completion after training has been provided.

Thompson Power Tool Training

Our training covers, but is not limited to:

  • The correct and safe use of power tools
  • Maintenance of electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic power tools
  • Hand Arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) awareness
  • Mechanical joint integrity (MJI), torque, tension, and hand tools
  • Customer upskill training
  • Tool procurement

Who Should Attend our Power Tool Training?

The obvious answer is anybody who is expected to operate industrial power tools should be fully trained in their correct and safe use before picking one up. This will ensure the tools are used correctly avoiding damage to the equipment and injury to the user.

It may be worth having other employees trained in the safe use of industrial power tools as well. Supervisory staff will be able to spot anybody not using a power tool correctly if they too have been trained. They can also empathise with their team as far as the fatigue that can be caused during the use of some power tools. Even purchasing staff can benefit from power tool training as it will enable them to specify the most appropriate and safe power tool for each job.

You can never train too many people in the correct and safe use of industrial power tools. A small amount of money spent on training, could well save a lot of expense later.

The benefits

  • Full power tool operator training provided
  • Trained operators are safe operators
  • Flexible courses and locations
  • All trainees provided with a certificate of completion