Winter Maintenance and Gritting

Winter maintenance is a necessary evil to ensure safe access to your business for staff and visitors. We can look after all of your winter grounds maintenance requirements and provide a range of services including winter gritting services, and snow and ice clearing.

Being a seasonal requirement, it can put excessive strain on your maintenance team. We can provide full winter maintenance and gritting services, on demand when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

We have a multi-skilled maintenance team who have undergone extensive winter maintenance training. We also have appropriate plant and equipment to enable us to take on the worst weather that the British winters can throw at us. Because we provide the service on demand, there is no up-front investment required in people, plant or equipment that will almost certainly be unused for the majority of the year.

The benefits

  • On demand service available
  • Leaves your maintenance staff to focus on their daily tasks
  • No need to invest in rarely used plant and equipment

Why is Winter Maintenance Important?

We all know that clearing snow and ice and gritting roads and footpaths is important in businesses and public areas, as well as at home. Making sure people and vehicles can gain access safely is important, but there is so much more to winter maintenance.

Winter weather can be costly, particularly the cost of heating your business premises. An annual pre-winter inspection and service of your heating systems including furnaces etc is critical to ensure they are functioning correctly and efficiently. Inefficient furnaces with blocked filters will cost a lot more to run, and unexpected heating breakdowns in winter can be very disruptive to your business.

Checking and taking care of pipework will avoid costly and disruptive leaks in winter. Water damage, particularly in certain businesses can literally stop them operating. Gutters blocked with autumn leaf build up can have a similar effect on buildings as leaking pipes, and they should be cleared during your pre-winter maintenance.

So, what can you do to protect your business premises during the winter months? Here are just a few simple tips to help:

  • Keep doors open in office buildings to ensure a constant flow of warm air into all areas.
  • Ensure all external doors and windows are fitted with draft exclusion.
  • Remove excessive snow build up from rooftops, particularly if fragile.

Make sure you know exactly where the water stop tap is in your building and give it a quick turn back from fully open, so it doesn’t stick.

Winter Gritting Services

We offer a broad range of winter gritting services depending upon our client’s specific requirements. From manual gritting of footpaths and public areas to the latest gritter trucks covering many miles of site roads, we can do it all. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find out just how we can take on the headache of winter gritting services, leaving you to concentrate upon running your business.

Snow and Ice Clearance

We have invested in the snow and ice clearance equipment and trained operators, so you don’t have to. Once our clients have entered into a winter maintenance agreement with us, we are on call 24/7 and on standby ready to take on whatever the British winter weather can throw at you. We monitor the weather and in the event of overnight snow and ice, we are on site, clearing the way, whilst your staff and visitors are still in bed.