Cleaning Services

Our cleaners will leave your workspace or facility beautifully clean and a great place to spend time in. Our cleaning services include hospital cleaning, school cleaning, office cleaning, specialist cleaning services and much more. In fact, there is not a cleaning service we cannot take on.

There are many companies offering commercial cleaning services however, finding an organisation that can provide true professional cleaning services for your facilities and workspaces is not so easy. Professional cleaning is so much more than many commercial cleaning companies think. It is not just providing a cleaning service, but providing the right type of people to ensure the absolute best industrial cleaning services are provided.

Our fully vetted cleaning operatives provide cleaning services to the very highest of standards. Every cleaning team is managed by a professional supervisor, ensuring the team operates to the highest level and providing a single point of contact for our clients.
Professional Cleaning Services

A common complaint about cleaning service companies is that the cleaners come in, do the minimum of work to a moderate standard, and leave. Every single one of our cleaning operatives is hand-picked by their supervisor to ensure they work to the highest standard, and have no issues going that little bit further when necessary. When those non-standard cleaning requirements crop up, we do it, no questions asked, no extra charge.

The benefits

  • Work completed to the very highest standards
  • Professional supervisor with every team
  • No job too difficult

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are carried out in a broad range of locations including offices, shops, and other commercial premises. Our commercial cleaning teams are second to none. They are trained to clean to the very highest of standards. Once they have visited your facility, you will not believe how clean and tidy it is and you will wonder why you waited so long to call us in.

Office Cleaning Services

Your employees spend a large part of every week in your office spaces. A fresh clean environment for them to work in, will quite literally improve their productivity and quality of working life. And if there is a spill or a one-off cleaning task to undertake, just ask our supervisor, and it will be done, no questions asked.

Industrial Cleaning Services

In many industrial environments, cleaning tasks can be extremely challenging. Our professional cleaning teams are never daunted. We make sure we employ the right people with the right skills. We provide them with full safety PPE and all the equipment they may need from power washers to road sweepers and everything in between. No industrial cleaning task is too difficult or too dirty for us.

Hospital Cleaning Services

Keeping hospitals clean to the very highest of standards has always been important but never more so than now. Our professional hospital cleaning teams are specifically picked by our experienced supervisors to ensure every team provides hospital cleaning services to a standard second to none. Every one of our cleaning team supervisors is selected based upon a minimum period of experience in this sector, ensuring the team is directed correctly and the high standard of cleaning requirements met every time.

School Cleaning Services

We all want our children to learn in a safe and clean environment and this is what forms the basis of our approach to our school cleaning services. From classrooms to changing rooms and all the common areas in between, our professional cleaning teams ensure they are all a safe environment for pupils and teachers alike. We consult with head teachers to ensure our visits are timed so we are never there during school time, unless of course there are any special one off urgent cleaning requirements, in which case we are on call 24/7 to step in and clean up.

Workplace Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaning teams do not just operate in offices schools and hospitals. They can also provide professional cleaning services in other workplaces too. We clean factory floors, workstations, store areas and even outside areas too. What makes us different is we are flexible and approachable so whatever your workspace cleaning requirements, we have got it covered.

Specialist Cleaning Services

Specialist cleaning services covers an extremely broad spectrum from cleaning vehicle fleets to aircraft, and factory roofs to graffiti removal. To date, we have not been given a challenge we have not been able to undertake and every specialist cleaning task has been completed to the very highest of standards, to our customers complete satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your specific specialist cleaning requirements.