Our painting and decorating services are second to none. Our professional painters and decorators will rejuvenate any building and clear up after themselves to a high standard, leaving no sign that they had ever been there.

Commercial buildings, offices and other public facilities will require the services of interior decorators on a reasonably regular basis. Buy design, they will experience higher traffic and more wear and tear than domestic properties. If left undecorated, a space can give the wrong impression about a business or organisation. A shabby, tired looking space will not create the right first impression, and as we all know, first impressions last.

One key issue when using the services of many painting and decorating contractors is the disruption and mess caused during commercial painting. We pride ourselves on offering top-class bespoke painting and decorating services, tailored to meet our client’s requirements. Our commercial painters and decorators take a real pride in their work. Unlike many commercial decorators, ours take the time to do a full clean once they have finished.

Our skilled interior decorators will attend your premises at a time that will cause the minimum disruption. If that means a night shift, then that is the service we will provide. We don’t expect our clients to remove and replace furniture or apply protective covering, that is all part of the service. And once the job is done, everything is put back and cleaned so that other than a freshly decorated space, you won’t know we have been there.

Professional Commercial Decorating Services

We can all pick up a paintbrush or roller and even do a decent job of wallpapering our home, but when it comes to commercial painting and decorating, you really need to call in the professionals. Your commercial property needs to look fresh and welcoming and you don’t want to take your, or your staff’s attention away from running your business.

When you call in our professional painting and decorating contractors, you can rest assured that the job will be done in the minimum amount of time, with the minimum amount of mess and disruption to your business. In fact, once our commercial painters and decorators have left, the only evidence that they have been there at all is a fresh, clean, newly decorated space.

Industrial Decorators

Industrial decorators will meet a broad range of tasks, in an equally broad range of locations. Be it inside or outside a factory, exterior metal work and even bridges and walkways, our professional industrial decorators will get the job done with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business operations.

Cleaning and preparation of exterior surfaces prior to painting is all part of the service, and if it is in a hard to reach location, our professional industrial decorators are certified rope access technicians too, so no location is out of reach.

Office Decorators

The main key to office decoration is minimising disruption. We decorate when the office is closed, no matter what the time of day that is, and we move and replace all furniture and equipment, rather than relying upon your staff to do it for us.

If your office is manned 24/7, we will work with you to rotate our interior decorating to keep the disruption to an absolute minimum.

Commercial Interior Design

We don’t only offer professional commercial painting and decorating services. Our professional interior designers will work with you and your staff, providing commercial interior design services. A freshly decorated workspace is great, but if poorly laid out and lacking in aesthetically pleasing furniture and fittings, it literally can affect the productivity of your staff.

We provide the full professional decorating and interior design service to give you the very best, most productive workspaces possible.


The benefits

  • Timed to suit your requirements
  • Full service provided
  • You won’t know we have been there
  • Skilled commercial painters and decorators