Do your bit and save money with environmentally friendly products


We offer a range of products that use less energy and care for our planets resources. Not only are they great for the environment, they can be great for your bank balance too, using less fuel, requiring filling less often and recycling 100% of the water used. You'll be amazed what is possible.

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X-ECO Sustainable Lighting Towers

X-ECO Lighting Towers allow contractors to benefit from fuel savings and CO2 reduction of over 70% plus a 400% increase in runtime.

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X-BOOT Boot Wash System

The world's first 100% water recycling, fully automatic boot wash system. Collects 1000kg of dirt and mud, prevents site contamination. Saves over 20,000 litres of water per week.

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X-SPLASH Wash Bay System

X-SPLASH is an ecological, flexible cleaning system for plant and machinery, which prevents soil pollution and contamination of drains from oil, grease and other contaminants, whilst also saving money.

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