Pulling out all the Stops for our Customers is Nothing Special for Thompson's

Exceptional customer service has always been the cornerstone of the Thompson Group’s business ethos, and that has never been more obvious than during recent events in the organisation.

The Thompson customer support team took a call from one of the UK’s leading and largest civil engineering and building companies. It was 4pm on a weekday afternoon and the client had a serious problem. They had an urgent requirement for a rental tractor and bowser, not just a standard bowser but one with the ability to draw water as well as dispense it.

The Thompson team jumped into action, and had the specified tractor and bowser loaded onto their own bespoke delivery vehicle in double quick time. By 7pm that same day, the equipment was delivered to the client’s site, 60 miles away.

Needless to say, the client was not only delighted, but utterly surprised by just how quickly Thompson’s had managed to respond. This was not a rare occurrence, but the Thomson team doing what they do, day in and day out. Another great example of the second to none customer service provided by Thompson’s as standard.